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Single Session

One 30-minute session lifts topical staining which results in a 95% chance of shade improvement of two to four shades.

Double Session

Two 30-minute sessions most commonly done in immediate succession as a complete whitening cycle. After the first 15-minute session lifts topical stains, the second 15-minute session is able to lift deeper and older stains from other teeth staining vices. Double sessions should provide a shade improvement of two to ten shades.

Multi-Session Package

Our most popular package.

Get four – 30-minute sessions for special occasions or lifting heavy teeth staining.

We recommend two whitening sessions at the most for one appointment.

By appointment only!

How it works

Peroxide Gel Formula

Our photosensitive teeth whitening gel utilizes peroxide-based chemistry that hydrates the teeth throughout the whitening procedure. Hydration of the teeth prevents teeth sensitivity.


Apply with Applia-Brush™

The procedure is very simple. Using our new, patented Applia-Brush™ gel applicator, the gel is only applied to the teeth and not to the gums, which avoids teeth sensitivity and gum irritation.


Finish with Infinity™ Pro SL Whitening Accelerator Light

The Infinity™ Pro SL is a LED lamp that uses a cold blue light to accelerate the chemical reaction, reducing the treatment time to just 15 minutes.


    positive review  Had a wonderful experience at SmileSpa-San Diego. Felt like I was at a spa with the cozy chairs and soothing music. My son and I each had whitening sessions that took less than 30 minutes. We were quite pleased with the results and had no gum sensitivity. It was quick, painless and now we have beautiful white teeth. We will definitely be back for our touch ups.

    Traci Curry Avatar Traci Curry
    February 20, 2020

    positive review  Loved my SmileSpa-San Diego experience. In less than 30 minutes, my smile was shades whiter. Rachel is a true professional and explained everything. I would highly recommend her services. I’m

    Melinda Speck Avatar Melinda Speck
    February 20, 2020

    positive review  Amazing results in less than 20 minutes!! Highly recommend 🦷✨🙌🏼

    Carla Bozzelli Avatar Carla Bozzelli
    February 7, 2020

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